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Foster Parent Training Classes


Child Welfare Training Program (CWTP) has all of the material for Preservice Training and is now available Online.

You can access the Ohio material by visiting

Preservice Training Courses

You must attend an Information Meeting before you can begin training. 

  1. Policy & Procedure Training
  2. Module I: Orientation to Foster Care, Adoption and Kinship Care
  3. Module Il: The Child Protection Team
  4. Module Ill: Child Development
  5. Module IV: Childhood Trauma and Its Effects
  6. Module V: Child Sexual Abuse
  7. Module VI: Minimizing the Trauma of Placement
  8. Module VII: Transcending Differences in Placement
  9. Module VIII: Helping the Child Manage Emotions and Behaviors
  10. Module IX: Understanding Primary Families
  11. Module X: The Effects of Caregiving on the Caregiving Family
  12. Module XI: Long-Term Separation
  13. Module XII: Post Adoption Issues for Families

Unless Informed Otherwise:

Preservice Training Classes are held in your area most likely unless you wish to take advantage of their online classes.




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Something To Think About

Your dog is great with children; you know they wouldn’t ever bite a child, and they may not; however, if your pet has a record for biting someone or lashing out at people then, unfortunately,  you will not be able to have a child that is a ward of the state placed in your home.  You will need to make the difficult choice on whether fostering a child is going to be something to think about. This is one of the very first factors you will need to weigh before deciding, as having an animal with a violent record has affected the decision of many potential foster parents.  It is completely understandable to say that you cannot foster at this time because no one would expect you to relocate your animal.  I learned about this when I went through my first consultation for kinship care.  Luckily, I didn’t have a pet at the time but if I had and this was relevant to me, I would have made a heartbreaking decision in finding it a new home.

Kinship care is virtually the same as foster care, except with the goal of keeping a child within a familiar environment. It also differs from a few legality benefits that foster parents procure from.  It is still a household that welcomes a child from foster care but instead of a stranger taking in your child, it will be someone that you and your child know, it could be a family member, a friend, even a school teacher. Unlike foster parenting though, kinship care places you in different categories: blood and non-blood relationships a child has with the kinship provider, are the two categories determined for receiving an incentive to help provide for the child.  Compensation is a big factor when raising or providing for any household and determining whether a kinship provider receives extra help based upon blood relation; still, is one topic I cannot comprehend.  I took in my first sisters’ child from child services and adopted, becoming a legal father after two years of kinship care, not receiving any incentive because she was technically my step-sister.  We were babies when our parents conjoined the family and grew up together, still made no difference.  One month after the adoption I received legal custody of my eldest sisters’ children.  Getting my niece and nephew out of foster care was a little less chaotic than becoming a father. This is because of the state requirements I accomplished while going through the adoption.  The classes I received from what I like to call the ‘Foster Parent College’ included the same training provided for licensed foster parents.  The only requirement that kept me from becoming licensed was CPR and First Aid, which I decided not to partake in because it wasn’t a requirement, however, I went through training in child CPR in the beginning stages of my home study.

They were 3-hour classes; two nights during the week and lasted for about two months.  I wish I could say I was thrilled to take these courses but was depressed because they consisted of real-life stories that a foster parent will need to be prepared for.  Another important factor regarding foster children is they have been through experiences, more than most adults, which need to be considered when taking a child into your home.  You will need to be their advocate in every way, even when they are angry and violent; do not let their emotions affect you. They have been physically and or mentally abused and most likely are trying to see how far they can push your limits.  However, the growing rate of heroin addiction compared to the growth of the children going into states custody is something to think about.  Learning from experience has led me to believe this drug epidemic has had the effects of the plague and only continues to get worse.

The bond formed between a child and the temporary provider sometimes grow immensely and is exactly the relationship these children need.  However, this leads to the biggest factor that will need to be considered before moving forward as a foster parent.  The bond formed between you and the child will most likely be broken when the child leaves your home.  I have witnessed the sadness that is caused by the separation and it is quite emotional.  One thing you can do to help prevent so much sadness within your heart will be to know the amount of good you have done for that child, and most likely they will never forget that time spent with you.  The quality lifestyle that you teach them will allow them to broaden their perceptional values when they return home.  The good outweighs the bad in these cases, so always remember how far your positive influences will travel.

There is a long list of requirements needed to be complete within the adopting, fostering and kinship programs, and as soon as you think you’re done, more obligations will be tossed your direction.  It has been a lot to handle by myself as a single guy, especially considering my social life is nowhere blogging in the hopes to provide some knowledge with the experiences I have encountered.   The experience I can share may eliminate some of the anxiety you have been carrying; especially if you are single and have kinship programs to endure.

As a parent I can tell you to make everything cheap and be creative because the need to save money is crucial; now more than ever! Here are some helpful tips to save.


Cheap Family Activities

  1. Write Stories together
  2. Paint or Draw Together
  3. Go on a bike hike
  4. Build a fort in the living room out of blankets and boxes
  5. Have a sunset picnic at a park or beach.
  6. Play board games.
  7. Play kickball.
  8. Go to a museum
  9. Go to a playground
  10. Play hide-and-seek.
  11. Have a pillow fight.
  12. Ride bikes
  13. Build Sandcastles.
  14. Rent a Movie and eat popcorn.
  15. Tell stories
  16. Have a scavenger hunt.
  17. Play card Games.
  18. Garden together.
  19. Bake Cookies Together
  20. Go to the zoo
  21. Go to the library.
  22. Create a scrapbook.
  23. Learn to Play music.
  24. Finger-paint.
  25. Go to a park
  26. Make hand painted t-shirt
  27. Make play-dough from scratch
  28. Make milkshakes
  29. Go to a pool
  30. Write Letters to family members
  31. Play freeze tag.
  32. Decorate a pair of jeans,
  33. Make homemade mini pizza.
  34. Do a science experience
  35. Volunteer
  36. Create an obstacle course.
  37. Roast marshmallows
  38. Fly kites
  39. Learn magic tricks
  40. Go Fishing
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My Experience

Single dads

Welcome to Tru2yu, we are all looking forward to working with you. We are determined to help you find everything you are looking for, even if it means we direct you away from our channel. If there is something that needs to be addressed, we will do our best to improve it, so please do not hesitate to give your feedback. We are determined for us all to have an epic journey together.


Around five years ago I discovered very traumatic news about my family. At this time, I was the only member who had moved out and was living on their own. During a visit, one evening is when I found out that the heroin epidemic had taken my family hostage. Everyone except my little brother and myself started becoming a completely different person; because of the effects of heroin.

It was a very hard and emotional time for me, but I was able to overcome it and still stay true to who I am because of my mother and all the virtuous people that surround my life. I was able to guide my younger brother because he, as well, had a good social surrounding of friends.

I am a single parent as well! Child services called about my sister who had just gave birth to a baby boy who was born addicted. I was asked if I would be interested in kinship care, and without hesitation of course I started down the unexpected path of becoming a parent. Two years later the adoption finalized, and I became a legal father. One month after the adoption finalized, I gained legal custody of my niece and nephew, who belonged to my eldest sister who recently lost her husband. The long and very busy agenda along with everything else to make this happen was not an easy task, however allowed me to be the person I am today.

As of today, I am a single gay parent of three wonderful children! Members of my family have started making significant progress allowing the positively and hope to grow with each passing day. I feel that the changes within myself have allowed me to understand the importance of truth and support. If we stay true within ourselves and realize that other people in the world experience the same and should start sharing it. Sharing experience can provide knowledge to educate others which could essentially just make the world a better place.



I want to help people in any way possible because today s society is lacking in the human concept, of decency and courtesy. I have seen the effects of how a simple recommendation or piece of advice has created a positive influence. In order to be a better person, you must promote and show how it can be done. I have decided to start recommending ideas, giving advice and sharing my experiences in order to hopefully make others want to do the same. I have rescued three children from foster care and these children were within my own family, so imagine the amount of youth growing up without the love and guidance from the permanency of a home. Providing anytime support no matter the size is encouragement and knowledge that can help others.



We want people to know how to do or get through any situation they may or could encounter. Experience is knowledge, and it shouldn’t be kept a secret, especially if it can help someone in the future that will need it. From the minor experiences to the major ones; such as addiction, or the smaller ones like needing help with math homework. Every experience shared creates more knowledge to create an Anytime Support which then will develop an accurate, experienced-based social search. Sharing your experience may grant a better tomorrow. Don’t be left out, embrace the chance to not only be heard but listened to for many years. Turn your experience into knowledge that people will relate too.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All The Best,


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Administrative Policies & Procedure

Children Services will ensure that all caregivers and applicable members who are directly involved in the case plan of the child; has accessibility to the Administrator or Designee with executive authority to agency staff at all times. All caregivers are provided an agency phone list. Members of social service staff may also be reached through the main operator. A member of social services may be reached twenty-four (24) hours per day, seven days a week. After hours staff includes on-call social workers, supervisors and administrators. Calls of child abuse or neglect and/or emergencies may also be called into the agency hot line at your specific local county. Purpose of the procedure:To define the availability and accessibility for each local administrator(s).Related laws and standards: as an example, below you will see Ohio resources Ohio Revised Code (ORC):Ohio Administrative Code (OAC): 5101:2-5-13 United States Code (USC):Code of Federal Regulations (CFR):Council on Accreditation Standards (COA):Who is affected by the procedure?Everyone involved in the child’s case plan

Procedure: Foster Care Civil RightsProcedure No.:Statement of procedure: All programs, services, and benefits which are administered, supervised, authorized, and/or participated in by Children Services shall be operated in accordance with the nondiscriminatory provisions of Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, as amended, Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, the Age Discrimination Act of 1975, Title IX of the Education Act of 1972, Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1981, Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, and Section 1808 of the Small Business Job Protection Act (Adoption). No child or minor mother residing in an agency foster home shall, on the grounds of race, color, national origin, disability, age, sex, or religion, be excluded from pacification in, be denied the benefits of, or be otherwise subjected to discrimination under any program or services authorized administrator. Any client who believes that he/she or any specific class of persons, has been subjected to discrimination on the basis of race, color, national origin disability, age, sex or religion may file a written complaint with the agency outlining the alleged discriminatory acts. Purpose of the procedure:Related laws and standards: as an example, below you will see Ohio resources Ohio Revised Code (ORC): Ohio Administrative Code (OAC): 5101:2-5-13United States Code (USC): Code of Federal Regulations (CFR):

CHILDREN SERVICES Sharing Experiences For a Better Tomorrow

Client/Consumer Grievances

CHILDREN SERVICES POLICY NO:ORC: 5153.16; 5153.166OAC: 5101:2-33-20USC: N/ACFR: N/A


@ALL AGENCY STAFF BARGAINING UNIT MANAGEMENT ONON-BARGAINING UNIT POLICY:Parents, custodians, legal guardians, foster caregivers, kinship caretakers, children, and applicants or providers of approved adult-supervised living arrangements ("Clients/Consumers") may file a grievance regarding SCCS' provision of services. Will receive, reviews, and attempts to resolve these types of complaints within a reasonable amount of time.PROCEDURE:Will recognizes each Client/Consumers right to file a grievance and provides a formal Client/Consumer grievance process. However, all Clients/Consumers must attempt to resolve complaints or concerns through the assigned caseworker, supervisor and/or Department Director prior to utilizing the formal grievance process. Clients who disagree with the disposition of a report of abuse or neglect shall refer to the procedure regarding Disposition Appeals.provides language interpreters for individuals with limited English proficiency, interpreters for the hearing impaired, and assistance for the visually impaired by contract for service when it is determined that such services are necessary in order for a client/consumer to understand and/or participate in the grievance process. Additionally, can access Ohio Relay Service 7-1-1 to assist the hearing impaired. Formal Complaint/Grievance Process:A grievance is a formal complaint filed by a client or consumer when resolution of the complaint

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Living with Addicts

Addiction has surrounded my life and even though I am not an addict myself; I truly believe it is hereditary! I have witnessed the pain it causes, not only to the user, but i have personally experienced pain by helplessly witnessing the surrounding family change because of the evil within it!

With the usage of heroin growing in our society, I have come to realize, addiction is evolving into an epidemic! One thing I have noticed is how people hide from the reality of addiction so; I encourage people to understand that talking about their addiction will only make them stronger in defeating the curse of it! To everyone with addiction problems, whether it is someone using or someone who is their support, please share your experience.

I have learned that being positive about life and understanding that addiction is nothing to hide from or be ashamed of, and it is okay to discuss! The problems that are caused from an addiction can be devastating, and my goal is for us all to help each other by rising together! Come and share your experience or provide your support for someone who needs you! Let this become the start of Anytime Support!